Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Keeping away from Acne, Sunburn and others

Perhaps, you may have had experienced facial skin problems for the past year or currently agonizing over one at the moment. If you are, don't fall into despair. The world has not yet turned its back solely on you and the fact is... you are not the only one afflicted by such a predicament. Practically 17 million people are afflicted every year with this malady. It may not be fatal but the attendant disruptive psychosocial consequences can surely affect the way you see yourself and how others behave towards you.

BIO SKIN CARE cream understands this, that is why it has come up with a whole new revolutionary product range that combines only the best of natural ingredients that not only effectively wards-off unexpected infections away from your skin, in the case of bacterial, and other impurities, but considerably improves the overall condition of your skin especially for those who have severely suffered from numerous skin problems. The good news is that it works on all skin types like no other skin product in the market.

This ultra-sophisticated product simply works in two ways.
- It takes away impurities clogged in those tiny skin pores to help the skin "breathe";
- It helps to "loosen up" the already infected skin cells to give them time to rejuvenate and eventually prevent the condition from coming back.

It should be emphasized that the use of Bio SKIN CARE cream coupled with proper skin care regimen is the key to achieving and maintaining a skin tone that is perfectly radiant. The skin can be compared to your lungs. If you block the gases coming in and out of its canals (bronchioles) by putting something along its way (impurities that causes clogs), it eventually packs up and suffers the fury of microbes. The infection will give rise to various problems by feasting on nearby healthy cells as well.

Pimples have many causes and several factors which influences its development. Some of them are the following:
- Hormonal concentration fluctuation - Changes in the concentration of the hormone Androgen (which is a male sex hormone) that causes the sebaceous glands (oil glands) from producing more oil which empties on the surface of the skin.

- Propionibacterium acnes, a bacterium which causes acne usually thrives on this region and feed on the cellular debris together with oils left by the secreting skin cells. These microbes often gets into the follicle (canal) of the pilosebaceous unit (a structure consisting of sebaceous gland, narrow canal called follicle and thin hair) and produces irritating substances that encourages white blood cells to concentrate on the region and begin the inflammation process.

The good news is that BIO SKIN CARE possesses antimicrobial properties which hinders bacterial multiplication to progress and kills them in the process.
* Pollution and Humidity- Environmental irritants such as car exhausts, dust, smoke and temperature are perfect sources to clog those skin pores and prevent them from "breathing.". BIO SKIN CARE cream, through its active cleansing agent, helps in the removal of these fine particles blocking those openings and interrupt inflammation to start or aggravate.
* Genetics -family history provides vital information if an individual will develop this disfiguring condition. Families who manifested this skin condition will most likely pass that attribute to their filial lineups. Though incurable, BIO SKIN CARE cream reduces the chances by which acne develops due to environmental conditions with its anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating components.

Just as mentioned above, sunburn can also bring a lot of pain and discomfort to the skin. The best treatments for sunburn and information on this predicament can be found on this post on how to get rid of sunburn. BIO SKIN CARE beauty care innovations provides valuable opportunities for you to get rid of those unwanted blemishes, inhibit their progress and restore damaged skin cells, just like they were before or even better!

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